Labor Day New Year’s Goals 2020

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I recently read a Twitter post about shifting your “New Year’s” to Labor Day weekend.

They had several social, fitness and business reasons that making the shift from making your New Year’s goals on Jan 1 to Labor Day weekend.

One of the main reasons is momentum.

When you are living on the standard calendar you come off the holidays accomplishing nothing and are starting from zero with your New Year’s goals.

If you start your New Year’s Goals in the beginning of September, sure they may stall a little over the holidays but you’ll still have three months progress already made.

It also happens to align with the school year.

My kid isn’t in school yet but once he is my life will go back to revolving around the school year.

I thought it was an interesting experiment so here are my personal New Year’s Goals.

Add images to the website.

These posts look like a giant wall of text and that might turn some people off.

I’ll tweak the layout some and try to make that wall of text a little more palatable while you’re reading this on your mobile.

Start monthly income & progress reports.

You’re thinking, wait this is an investing blog not a make money from home blogging blog right?

That’s correct and don’t worry, this will stay an investing blog.

Part of investing that we’re interested in is not just investing money but also investing your time to make progress on yourself.

For example, you can buy back some of your time with outsourcing or you can reinvest profits from your side hustle back into the business to help it grow.

The monthly progress and income reports will be another experiment.

My hope is that they keep me on track to help you all better. (Similar to these long term New Year’s Goals.)

Release a dividend investing course

This has been in progress for too long in my opinion and I need to get it out there for you to take advantage of.

If you’ve been reading up on this blog and getting valuable and actionable information you should check out my courses section.

Can you learn everything for free?


But going through the courses will break everything down and have everything organized for you.

No more jumping blog post to blog post. 

Create beginners guide to Stock Market course

I realize that not everyone is interested in investing for dividends.

The truth of it is that you might not know enough about stocks in general to go out and make that kind of strategy decision.

I’ve had it in my head that I would release a Beginners Guide to the Stock Market Course.

Time for me to get to work.

Start articles on Cryptocurrency Investing & Saving

After I deep dive into the stock market and get a couple courses for you to learn I would like to start writing articles and courses about investing in cryptocurrencies.

Along with articles on Cryptocurrency I’ll also start articles on budgeting and saving money.


Everyone seems worried about a recession coming and I want you to be prepared. 

As a matter of fact if you don’t have an emergency fund start building one now.

No one actually knows when a recession will come or how bad it will be.

But you can be prepared for the worst and if it’s not so bad you’ll be in a prime situation to take advantage of opportunities that come up.

Start another store through Talkvest

Eventually I would like to start selling either a service, physical product, podcast, or software that will help you all out.

I don’t know what that will be but I’m hoping to at least figure out some ideas and start making progress on that front in the next twelve months.

Build my email list

I would like to build up my email list so I can have more direct conversations with you all.

Writing this blog is great and all but sometimes feels a little like I’m talking to myself and not 100% sure if you are listening.

You know the guy on the train to your office preaching about how you work hard for your money and your money needs to a little work of its own. 

Keep adding regular articles

Starting with Stock Market Investing & moving on to cryptocurrency investing and real estate investing.

My goal is to publish at least 1-3 articles a week for the next year or so, depending on how efficient I can get with the workflow.

I will also find the time to improve on existing articles.

Back to your Regularly Scheduled Program

I’m keeping this one a little shorter for now.

If I come up with any new business goals for this year I’ll add them.

If you have any suggestions of things you’d like to see or learn send me an email or drop a comment below.

Looking at my list I have a lot of work to do so I better get started…

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