Talkvest Income Report August 2019

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It feels a little weird reading an income report on an investing blog and not a “Make money through Blogging and make sure you sign up for Bluehost it’s only $2.95 and you can quit your job” blog.

I’d like to start a report anyway because:

  1. It will help track my progress and keep me accountable
  2. It can provide a real life example for you all
  3. This is another chance for me to be real with the people visiting the blog and you can see where I’ve been, where I’m going and how I got there.

If you’ve been on my site at all you know that it’s in the beginning stages.

Each post is basically a wall of text.

The website needs to be more readable, better headlines that pop, and have more images.

But we will keep chugging along.

Incomes for August 2019


That was quick and easy.

Expenses for August 2019

Annual & One time Expenses

Hosting – $47.50 annual

WordPress theme – $50 one time

Tailwind – $120 annual

Domain Name – $13.17 annual

Monthly Expenses

Email – $6

Course hosting – $39

Courses – $89

Online Business

If you’re interested at all in an online business you can see it doesn’t take a lot of money compared to starting a physical business.

I don’t have to pay to rent a space for a store.

I don’t have any employees (yet.)

It does require a decent amount of money and a good chunk of time to get the ball rolling though.


My plan is to follow through with everything I’m teaching here.

I’ve got a budget for my business.

When it starts making a little money I will set a percentage aside to make investments.

Whether those investments are primarily in the stock market, cryptocurrencies, real estate or back into the business only time will tell.

But when those investments are made they will be listed.

You will be able to use this blog as an example.

Take what I’m doing and apply it to your personal accounts.

The advantage that you actually have is this business is starting from Zero and you already have a regular income with your job.

If you’ve already built up your emergency fund and you are ready to start putting your money to work check out these 5 types of passive income.

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